We advised at the end of last year that although the building was watertight the external brickwork was proving to be increasingly difficult to keep on programme due to the shortage of quality tradesmen and sadly this problem has continued. Whilst the builder now has this under control they have advised later dates for the brickwork and also the cladding that follows on around it. What we will see over the next few months is the scaffolding in place much longer than originally planned and this will then push back the landscaping and the new pavements around the building. All of these works must be completed before we can take the building as complete and also to satisfy the planners, building control inspectors and of course Premier Guarantee and ourselves.

Meanwhile, the internal works are still progressing without delay with ceramic tiling and the wood floors completed up to the fourth floor and the kitchen fitters following on and up to the third floor and the final joinery work progressing behind that. If there is a positive side to the external envelope being delayed then it is that the internal finishing’s and fittings are not being “rushed” and the quality of the workmanship is proving to be excellent as a result of the extra time and care being allowed.

We shall continue to regularly monitor progress with the builder but for now our considered opinion is that completion will be on or around the following dates and if they can be improved we shall update accordingly:

·         Core One Apartments – target completion now early June 2018.

·         Core Two Apartments – target completion now end June 2018.