We have now scheduled our own series of pre-handover inspections with the Principle Contractor (Tolent) and our consultant teams from Thursday 21st June through to Thursday 12th July such that each area and individual apartment can be inspected and any issues or concerns addressed before purchasers are then be invited to view their apartments and for legal completions from mid-July onwards.

Internally, most areas are now generally complete with the Principle Contractor carrying out their own snagging and pre-completion tests and checks, all most timely with four – six weeks now remaining. The courtyard scaffolding has been removed and we anticipate the courtyard landscaping being complete by 23rd July 2018.

The external elevations and the cladding contractor remain a concern but the scaffolding is being dismantled and any cladding flashings and areas of cladding which remain incomplete at low level will be fitted off mobile access equipment. That will then free up the external footpath works which will be done on Weston Street but Long Lane will run over into August but with access into the building being maintained at all times.

Following this last month our considered opinion is that completion will be on or around the following dates and if they can be improved we shall update accordingly:

·         Core One Apartments – target completions 12th July 2018 onwards.

·         Core Two Apartments – target completions 12th July 2018 onwards.