We now have only eight weeks to go before our target completion date of the end of June 2018, which does seem an impossibly tight timescale given visually the external scaffolding remains to most of the external elevations.

Internally, we are now on with decorations and snagging for the whole of Core One and with the second fix now complete we are seeing the Contractor doing their pre-decoration snagging which will be followed by decorations and final snagging in Core Two, all most timely with eight weeks remaining. The courtyard scaffolding has in the main been removed which has released the courtyard for landscaping and at higher levels the roofs and brown roofs are already complete and landscaping started.

We remain most concerned though with the external elevations and having seen issues with the cladding contractor we are very minded that the cladding is in delay which is preventing the scaffolding being dismantled as there are cladding flashings and areas of cladding incomplete. Even if only one flashing remains to an area then that whole section of scaffold must remain for access as quite simply there would be no other safe way to gain access. Even footpath or road closures for access plant wouldn’t benefit us as the implementation of such closures takes weeks and months. We do however expect you to see the scaffolding progressively being dismantled in May and with the front corner being the last section in June but for those watching these updates and given you are arranging the timing of your move into your new home we must be cautious and advise that these will be during July 2018.

Following this last month our considered opinion is that completion will be on or around the following dates and if they can be improved we shall update accordingly:

·         Core One Apartments – target completion now during July 2018.

·         Core Two Apartments – target completion now during July 2018.