The windows to Cores One and Two are complete making the envelope watertight which continues to enable excellent progress inside of the building. However, the external brickwork is proving to be increasingly difficult to keep on programme due to the shortage of suitably experienced bricklayers, in fact the site has seen over 100 bricklayers come and then go as either the work was too complicated for them or the standards they could achieve were not what we expect and require. Hopefully the New Year and the fact that we are progressively establishing a core group of suitable bricklayers that can deliver to expectations will see this issue addressed but at the moment it is a key programme issue.

As already observed, internally the building is progressing very well with the underfloor heating and the first fix of services installations for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems all almost complete and with plastering at fifth floor and the lower floors already receiving their first coat of paint to the walls.

In Core Two we have ceramic tiling progressing and the wood flooring going down in levels two and three with Core One following closely behind.

·         Core One Apartments – target completion under review as reliant on envelope completing.

·         Core Two Apartments -target completion similarly under review as reliant on envelope completing.