The internal works are still progressing without delay with ceramic tiling and the wood floors completed up to the fifth floor and the kitchen fitters following on and up to the fourth floor and the final joinery work progressing behind that. We are also seeing the ground floor offices units being made ready and with orders now placed for the courtyard landscaping and the new highways footpaths around the development.

We also experienced some of the coldest weather during February for over twenty years and sadly this didn’t help us with the progress on brickwork as we are not allowed to lay mortar at low temperatures which has put further strain on the progress of the external envelope. Therefore, we continue to focus on the progress of the envelope and wait for the scaffolding to start being removed and reveal the building as it finishes from upper floors downwards.

As per last month our considered opinion is that completion will be on or around the following dates and if they can be improved we shall update accordingly:

·         Core One Apartments – target completion now early June 2018.

·         Core Two Apartments – target completion now end June 2018.